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Amazon UK

Amazon Virtual Assistant, Amazon Affiliate Program and Amazon Seller Account!

Amazon is the biggest game-changer in the world of e-commerce. Started back in 1997 in the UK, Amazon is now one of the forth ‘big tech’ giants of the world. Also, it is considered to be the favorite of most of users, sellers and buyers. Amazon isn’t just an ordinary online store with reliable products; it is beyond the place of just buying and selling. The vast variety of the products under almost each category shows the strength of the Amazon.

Amazon UK:

Amazon does not only take care of its customers but it considers its employees as a family. The satisfaction of your employees is now as important as of the customers and Amazon understands it better. Therefore, the benefits and perks such private medical insurance, life insurance, income protection, paid leaves, and comprehensive pension plans enjoyed by the employees of Amazon UK are one of its kind.
Amazon UK has created over 25,000 jobs with minimum wage of £9.50/hour (£10.50/hour for London). It also offers the top industry skill training program to its employees. The effectiveness of the training program reflects in their (employees) professionalism and customer response.

Amazon is not about just customers and employees, it has become a hub of opportunities for those who are seeking to do something new and different. Times have changed and a typical 9 to 5 office job is not only way of earning money. There is a reason why Amazon is enjoying the status of forth Big Tech Company of the world. It gives opportunity to those who are looking to start their online business. Yes, you can sell your products online with Amazon.

Amazon Virtual Assistant:

Another great feature that enables many people to earn some bucks is Amazon Virtual Assistant. Let me take you through it.

Amazon Virtual Assistant is someone who works as a supportive middle man for business owners. They provide administrative help in growing your business online and offline that too with the biggest e-commerce giant of the time. Amazon Virtual Assistants perform many tasks to make your presence felt on the online business horizon. They are well-trained and know how to get a job done perfectly. It is because of the intensive virtual assistant training program they take when they sign up for the job of virtual assistant.
Amazon Virtual Assistants hold the background of business, academics, technical, professional and support sectors. Because most of the virtual assistants work with variety of business owners or clients, therefore, they have different packages such as hourly packages or retainer rates for each client. The main tasks perform by Amazon Virtual Assistant are:
Filling Orders
Creating Webpages
Posting Articles/Reviews
Managing Social Media
Competitor and Market Analysis
Inventory Management
Customer Services
Website Designing and Development and much more.

You can save your time by hiring the Amazon Virtual Assistants if you own a business and want to sell your product online with Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Program:

Another great initiative taken by Amazon is that it provides Amazon Affiliate Program. If you don’t want to go for Amazon Virtual Assistants then you can this option.

Amazon Affiliate Program helps you in accessing a bit of Amazon’s profit. The biggest retailer, Amazon is responsible for nearly 40% of the sales that too alone in US. If you have little knowledge of Affiliate Marketing and have Social Media presence with a website, then you are good to go for Amazon Affiliate Program.

Amazon Affiliate Program is also known as Amazon Associates. This program allows you to monetize your websites, blogs and social media by simply placing the links to Amazon products. When someone clicks on that link and make a purchase of the Amazon Product, you receive a commission based on the sale made.

By doing so, you help Amazon create traffic and sales and in return Amazon gives you commission according to the Amazon Affiliate Program Agreement. For instance, Amazon Affiliate Program pays you commission based on the number of people sent to Amazon and who make purchases within 24 hours. The Affiliate Program is beneficial for both the parties involved; merchant and affiliates.
It is because the former is gaining more and more reach to increase sales and later is getting money plus conversions and opportunity to understand e-commerce without taking fatigue of establishing their own store.

Amazon Affiliate Program is kind of a referral program. You get paid when you send a customer to Amazon through a link on your website. You get percentage of the sale made within 24 hours. The commission you receive as an Amazon Affiliate or Amazon Associate depends on the type of item purchased. Be mindful of the Conversion Rate as Commission is not only factor considered in percentage of the sales made. Conversion Rate speaks about the number of people clicking on the link and buying products via your website.

Amazon Seller Account:

Amazon gives you an option of doing business with them to those who are seeking online market to sell their products. Such interested sellers are required to create an account on Amazon under the name of Amazon Seller Account.
Amazon encourages entrepreneurs from around the world to set an Amazon Seller Account and start establishing their online business with the top retailer of the world. This implies that you don’t need to have an established business set-up to get started; you can start selling your books, photographs or things that you have purchased from a local shop.

Once you mark your presence with customers then go for a brand name. After deciding what you want to sell on Amazon, the next step is getting your business registered on Amazon.
Go through the Amazon Seller Registration where you would find option of Individual Seller. This is given to facilitate and motive young entrepreneurs.

Now let me walk you through creating Amazon Seller Account.

1. Go to the Amazon website.
2. Click on ‘Selling on Amazon’ option.
3. You will get 2 options, ‘Sell as a Professional’ and ‘Sell as an Individual’. (I’ll discuss it later)
4. Enter your email and select ‘Create a New Account’ option.
5. Enter the required information to create a New Account.
6. Enter the name of your business and tick on agree to Amazon’s terms of services.
7. Enter information of your business.
8. Set up your billing and deposit methods.
9. Congrats! You are ready to start your business.

(Referring to point 3, first option is for those who want to sell 40 plus products/month for $39.99 subscription while later option is for those who want to sell fewer products and avoid subscription)

Although, getting Amazon Seller Account is for free, but once you money pouring in you have to pay some fees. Paying fees to the exposure your business will get through Amazon is pretty fair.
Amazon charges between 12-40% as Amazon referral fees depending on the type of products.
A flat $0.99 fee is charged if you are an Individual Seller. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fee is roughly $3.00 for small weighing items. Apart from these basic fees, the fees charged by Amazon are Inventory Storage fee, Media Fees and Advertising cost.

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