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Facebook Ads, Account Setup and Management Services


Facebook is among one of the social networking site among other companies in the race of technology, including Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, with the help of his roommates. The purpose of making this application was socializing and advertising. It is used almost all over the world. It also has bought Instagram gram, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and acquired them. In a survey in 2012, Facebook had over 845 million active users

Ads is the best way to communicate with the customers. To know the needs of the customers, their demands. It helps the customers to know about brands. Face book ads are important for businesses because they help you to reach the target audience. It also helps in generating revenue for the business.

Facebook has bought many companies after it started getting profits by its increasing users. Its first bought application was Instagram in 2012, worth US $1 billion. In 2014, it bought mobile application WhatsApp Worth US$19 billion.

Facebook is ranked as 76th in the list of those co operations with the highest revenue. It is said that Facebook ads are targeted to those users based on language, location and profile information. After setting ad, a budget is set for each click or views that the ad will receive.

Facebook advertising:

Face book ads are customized posts that you pay to promote it to target audience.

Ads on social media is like a terms and conditions that are used to advertise and attract target audience. An active advertiser is an advertiser who has advertised on the Facebook in last 28 to 30 days. In 2016, Facebook reached 3 million advertisers. Prices of advertising on Facebook follows the variable pricing categories. Ads on Facebook is based on two types. The first one is based on user’s likes and comments on the services provided on Facebook and the other is the rate of buying items from online media.

Steps for Advertisement on Facebook

Enlist are some of the steps while advertising on Facebook. The first and foremost step is to determine the most appropriate editor in Facebook to create ad. Facebook offers two different tools for creating a paid ad, the ads manager and power editor. To decide which one is best, the advertiser needs to consider the company’s size and the number of ads that will be run at once. The ads manager is one of best editor for most companies who are planning to start Facebook ads. On the other hand, power editor can also be used for large advertiser, who are looking for more precise control over a variety of campaigns. The second step is to choose an objective. There are ten objectives provided by Facebook, to be chosen for the campaign. The list includes from sending people to website to get installs of the application. By choosing from objectives, it gives Facebook an idea of what you are going to do. This lets Facebook to show you the best options. The next step is to choose the audience. To help finding your audience, Facebook helps by using audience gauge tool. This tool helps to reach a potential number. Facebook provides with a lot of options including location, age, gender, language and a lot more. You can attract a lot of audience by the option, custom audience. It allows you to target people on Facebook who have interacted with the company before, visited a page on website or used your product before. Facebook allows you to save these audiences information to be used again. Next step is to set up budget. It is either a daily budget or a lifetime budget. The minimum daily budget is a US $1. The next step is to create your ad. Once the ad is created the next step is to see the results. This is done by Facebook Ad manager. It provide users with an overview of all their campaigns. It specify the spending of each day.

Benefits of Facebook ADs

One of the benefit of Facebook advertising is the ability to reach target audience. It is among the most popular online advertising. It is done on the basis of age, gender, and location. It helps small businesses to grow. It helps in gaining new customers. It also helps in increasing website traffic. It is among the most targeted form of advertising.

Facebook claims it to be 89% accurate when it comes to the role of target audience. Moreover, it helps users to find nearby businesses by their location. Facebook is a platform that costs less but can provide you with business and earnings.

Facebook ad helps grow your business whether it’s new or is looking for new ways to grow. To set up Facebook ads manager account, one needs to set up a business page. There is no need to create an ads manager account because it is created once the page is set up. To confirm the ad account information, one can view add account settings. When you move to the Ads manager settings, the ad account set up is presented. Account ID number is automatically assigned, and in the settings, the currency and time zone is set according to location. In future, if you want to change your currency, you can change it by changing your time zone. In settings, you have to enter the business information and the purpose of your advertising. The next step is the selection of payment method.

The first key of Facebook advertising is to not spend money on buying subscribers. Come up with better product ideas. Instead of images, go towards video ads with captions and with proper length of video. Many businesses fail at Facebook advertising because they are not good to fit in it. Facebook advertising cost can vary a lot depending on the target audience set. Using Facebook audience to increase likes can be very beneficial because once a Facebook user likes a page, this results in interaction of user with the product or page.

Using canvas ads can engage a lot of audience. It includes a number of videos, images, text or other interactive things to attract audience. The best Facebook ad services help you professionally build, design and manage accounts for businesses, without acquiring much expertise or time. The small business needs to focus on pricing, contracts, performance, customer’s reviews and additional services.

Customers Satisfaction

To be able to make Facebook ads one should have the knowledge of Facebook marketing. It is among one of the best approaches to reach the target audience. The role of digital marketing is increased when face book is more prominent and promotes the products and services that are offered to customer based on their demands and search history so the companies can easily communicate and provide them with the ads of their choice by using effective marketing services. There are more than 80% of internet users who are using social media. It is advantageous for the companies in developing their products and reaching the target audience. It also provides them with a plat form to provide communication between customer and organization. This helps organization come up with innovative ideas and attracting more audiences. It enhances customer satisfaction and meeting the demands of customers.

Advertising can be helpful to the economy also. It encourages in buying new and more products and it helps in growth of business. It can also increase the reach of business. The people are informed of various products of their interest their usage their effectiveness. It helps in promoting sales whenever a business is offering it. Depending upon the market requirements and the target audience, a single ad can make or break a company’s status on the business community. Therefore a carefully formulated ad and investments plan will not only help in achieving success but also target the related and required audience according to the fore mentioned guide lines. If there is a fault in the advertisement procedure then the ad will not be able to reach the target audience.


Face book ads work through targeted advertising. There fore the users activity on other connected web services is not discrete but is shared with third party services which enables them to display ads that are related to our past online activity. Face book ads are generally secure due to approved advertisement. Any faulty ads or malware are removed to ensure data privacy and safety. Advertisements on social media are similar to terms and conditions that are used to promote and attract a specific audience. Advertising on Facebook is charged according to a selection of variable pricing categories. There are two types of advertisements on Facebook. The first is based on user likes and feedback, while the second is based on the pace at which people purchase things from online media. A successful advertiser is one that actively promotes a product or service. It allows you to target your audience based on their place, age, gender, language, and much more..

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