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Google Ads Account Setup and Management Services

Google is an America-based company, which is most commonly known as a search engine. It was founded on September 4, 1998 by Larry Page and Sergy Brin. The vast majority of its revenue is generated through advertising due to which it branched out into other applications and sites such as Youtube, You tube TV, Google. Org, Google Ad Mob, Fitbit, Google Japan and Google China etc.

The basic purpose of google is to provide relevant knowledge to individuals upon search based queries. Google has been successful due to its ability to launch a prototype and then make improvements upon user’s feedback.

Google sites ate advantageous in the sense that they do not need to be edited. The software does not require installation. It is available on almost every device. It is also free, which means its available to everyone with a smart device. It is also free, which means its available to everyone with a smart device. Due to its wide range of features, Google has tools for every problem. It can create documents, complete searches for images, videos, documents and surveys etc.

Google ads account setup and management services:

Google ads is an online advertising platform which was developed by google. It allows advertisers to display brief text, video, images or interactive media to web users. It can display ads in results of google search or websites, applications and videos.

It was released on October 23, 2000. The Google ads payment system works on pay-per click advertising system, I e the advertiser has to pay every time someone clicks on their ads.

Google ad account set up:

Setting up a google ads account is free of cost but the advertiser has to pay every time a web user clicks on the ad or contacts the Company through the ad. To set up a google account, follows these simple steps,

  1. Sign in to your Google account through your browser.
  2. Open google ads account set up through the search bar.
  3. Click on sign up for google ads.
  4. Follow the given instructions and fill in your credentials in the appropriate spaces
  5. Click sign up
  6. Now you can make ads for your business and display them through Google ads.

Necessary terms:

Before setting up a google ads account, it is necessary to learn about a few terms related with google ads advertisement.


These include phrases or words which are typed into Google search by web users. These key words enable our ads to appear on associated websites. While making an ad for a campaign, a list of key words should be selected that people might search for when they require what you have to give.


This is the amount of money you have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. This is only applicable when someone clicks on your ad since Google ads does not require you to pay just for showing up on a site, unless someone clicks on your ad or contacts you.

Quality score:

This metric system analyzes how relevant are your chosen key words to your ad, and how to your targeted audience web pages. This is important as it serves as a connection between ad and the landing site; the site where people will be redirected when they click on the said ad. A higher quality score can lower your bid and improve your ad rank

Ad rank:

This determines the place your ad will show up in comparison to other ads when it is triggered to appear. Ad rank is calculated based upon your bid, your quality score etc.

Cost per click:

This is the amount of money you pay every time someone clicks on your ad. It depends upon your bid price which sets a range of cost per click.


When someone has clicked on your ad, completes an action, like making a purchase or calling you that you have designated as important a conversion will take place.

Increase in ad exposure:

It is important to recognize that an organized account will help in reading a larger part of the audience. Therefore try to organize your account and advertisement plans to ensure maximum audience coverage.

One way is to split your ad creation into two parts

  1. Ad campaign
  2. Ad groups.

An Ad campaign represents the larger sector in your business whereas Ad group represents the smaller parts of your business

There are two parts within Google Ad account

  1. Campaign
  2. Ad groups

Creating separate ad groups and campaigns, key words and ads for your product will help increase the relevance of your ad. More people who are interested in what you have to offer will be able to reach you if your ads are more precise and accurate.

Set your budget:

While managing Google ads, there are two types of payments; daily budget and bids

Your daily budget is the set amount of money you are willing to spend on a campaign per day while bid is the money that you spend when someone searches for a keyword and then clicks on your ad.

During the beginning of business, you should distribute your overall budget evenly to all campaigns and then figure out which one works best for your business. Then you can redistribute the budget to the more favorable campaign.

Choosing keywords:

Choosing a keyword that is more familiar to the consumer public and relevant to your ad campaign will trigger your ad to pop up every time someone searches for the key word on Google. There are different ways to match your keywords. Google provides a Google Ads keyword planner tool. This tool will help you to match specific key words to your ad so your ad can show up at the right sites.

Landing pages:

Landing page is the site where a web user arrives after clicking on your ad. By choosing a page that displays the product that is relevant to your ad and key words, it will enable the customer to find what they are looking for more quickly.

Ad structure:

While making an ad, make sure that your ad contains all the necessary details of your product or services so as to encourage the user. Proper words and images can motivate a user to click on the ad. Before posting an ad, make sure that you go over your ad for a last time to ensure that the ad contains all the information in the correct manner and nothing is left for description, for the customers to click on it.

Google analysis:

To track the progress of your Google campaign, make sure to connect your account to google analytics. Google analytics provide detailed information about what people do once they reach your landing site. This can help you to pick up a more suitable landing site and improve your ad services.

Google ads account management:

With the help of Google ads account manager, you can analyze multiple accounts from one place. This enables you to collect information and create a better advertising strategy. Google ads account manager has a lot of benefits which include the following

  1. This allows you to manage ad campaigns across a multiple Google ad accounts. It enables you to make changes such as editing budget and bids without having the need to constantly switch between different accounts.
  2. With account manager you can transfer access and control to other people in case there is a change in managements. In this way there is no need to change google ad account instead the same account can be operated by different people.
  3. You can compare the performance of different accounts and generated an automated report for different aspects of your ad campaign. You can also share this information with different accounts.
  4. Since google requires you to pay for ad campaigns, you can manage the billing and other  finances of different ad accounts from a single place.

Google ads provides tools to monitor, maintain and edit your ad campaign plans. Google ads has its own site to outline the process of advertisement through the Google ads program.

Google  ads is an easy and fast way to advertise about your products or services on a huge plat form that deals with a massive 4 billion amount of people. It doesn’t require any extensive training and can be operated by almost every one. Its easy to use interface is its most prominent feature. So in fact google ads might be a solution to under employment by giving jobs to people through another program AdSense.

Depending upon the market requirements and the target audience, a single ad can make or break a company’s status in the business community. There fore a carefully formulated ad and investments plan will not only help in achieving success but also target the related and required audience according to the fore mentioned guide lines. If there is a fault in the advertisement procedure, then the ad will not be able to reach the target audience.

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